The Mobile Clinic gets rolling with Médecins du Monde in the streets of Montreal starting Monday June 23rd 2014! We are thrilled to have participated to the design and building of this project that aims to provide assistance to people who don’t have access to the standard health care system.

Everyone at ékm is excited about our tiniest project ever: a 7.85 square meter medical clinic. This clinic will be custom built as an ultra-compact design in a “Sprinter” type vehicle. This project will bring medical care to some of the most vulnerable people in Montreal, such as homeless people and refugees who do not have normal access to health care because they do not have Medicare cards. MdM is already providing this care in the form of intrepid and generous doctors and nurses on foot with medical supplies in backpacks; so the mobile clinic will greatly facilitate these urgently needed services. Similar mobile clinic projects in France have been very successful. If you are interested in more information, please visit MdM’s website at

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