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The work of ékm architecture is born out of a rigorous search for excellence. This search leads us to the creation of significant, appropriate and responsive places.

Our work is born from the investigation of the potential of a specific project and its milieu: the natural, economic, social, cultural and material ecology of a site. The project and its milieu must be read before anything can be written, felt before anything can be thought and understood before a project can be built.

What we create is rooted in how we work: collaboratively as a team and connected to our clients. We listen attentively and respond thoughtfully. Through dialogue we are able to create innovative, compelling and sustainable solutions.

Architecture, interiors, landscape architecture, industrial design, engineering, and urban design fuse in our search for excellence. This integrated approach leads to projects that are environmentally responsible, constructionally sound, functionally appropriate and aesthetically enticing, and leads to a rich architecture that gives form to the needs, means and aspirations our clients.

The work of ékm includes all the phases of a project, in order to improve its durability and pertinence. We take the natural, social and material context of a project into consideration, always trying to reduce the ecological footprint. This approach guarantees that we create buildings that are sustainable and appropriate to their environment.




Jean-Roch Marion - Jeremy Aranoff - Heidi Blais - Jingfeng Cai - Julia Delrieu - Traian Dima - Andrew Hruby - Claire Laurence - Grace Lin - Rebecca Lu - Véronique Meunier - Louis Pietrusiak - Hélène Plamondon - Cecilia Chen - Oliver Schanz - Brian Scott - Tracy Sun - Stefano Volza - Ellen Gedopt - David Mondo - Francisco Mavarez