The new project for the Desautels Faculty of Management consists in the transformation of a university bookstore building into a new learning centre, equipped with spaces at the forefront of education, research and work. This completely renovated building will become the new home for the MBA program of the faculty.

The program includes several classrooms, study areas, meetings rooms for small groups, administrative offices and a multipurpose space that can be divided as needed. The need for natural light dictated the organization of the interior spaces. Thus, classrooms, study spaces as well as work and meeting rooms are distributed on the exterior walls to take advantage of the link to the outside, while service areas are provided along the north wall. In order to increase fluidity and access to the new building, the entrance hall was enlarged to accommodate four new doors. The color palette and the choice of materials enhance the quality of the existing St. Mark Stone, which is preserved and restored in its entirety. This project aims for basic LEED certification.

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