The mandate for this project was the renovation of a 344 meters square space on the ground floor of a five-story high commercial office building to accommodate a private endoscopy clinic. It was designed to provide short term ambulatory care as the patients are sedated before minor procedures are performed and are then monitored in the recovery room.  

This technically complex clinic incorporates hospital grade standards for ventilation, electricity, plumbing, medical gases and building materials.  It includes a reception/waiting area, two procedure rooms, one recovery room with eight beds, one decontamination room and sterilization room, doctors’ offices, a large electro-mechanical room/medical gases’ room and other support spaces. Considering the limited space, ÉKM had to research in great detail the functioning of an endoscopy clinic, so that each area could be optimized. The analysis concentrated on the optimal circulation flows of patients and medical staff. One of the major issues was to make sure the design of the clinic prevented contamination between soiled and sterile endoscopes.