The reimagined McLennan-Redpath complex is highly flexible yet flowing. The design places two activity poles at the north and south ends of the complex linked by a new multi-functional structure that replaces the former 1950’s Redpath Library.  The redeveloped Redpath Library Building, a transparent modern space open to the campus, would house a new double-story entrance and ground-level light-filled café on McTavish Street. The building’s volume would be set back from the adjacent Redpath Hall, revealing the elegant south-facing façade that has been unceremoniously blocked for the last 60 years. Its floors would be perfectly aligned with the renovated McLennan Library Building to facilitate movement of people and books.  The entire library would be linked by a grand staircase, spanning from the Cyberthèque and café on the street level; through bustling 24/7 teaching, learning, collaboration and study spaces adjacent to the popular outdoor terraces; past a stepped forum where lectures and projections would punctuate a McGill day; and up to an iconic reading room with views to Redpath Hall, the campus and Mount Royal.  The new building would feature a multi-functional hall and exhibition space, imagined as a light filled atrium adjacent the restored façade of historic Redpath Hall. In keeping with the spirit of the historical architecture, a rare books reading room would be located adjacent to this space.  The renovated McLennan Building would offer a variety of reconfigured study and work spaces, and a browsable three-storey, 500,000 book collection.  Between the new Redpath Library and McLennan Buildings would be the linear Hub, which concentrates stairs, high-speed elevators, and library services, including the retrieval desk for documents ordered from the Automated Storage and Retrieval System.

Project realized jointly with Shepley Bulfinch (