This restauration project of the PS-4 Pavilion at Jean-Drapeau Park is part of the embellishment efforts from the City for the 375th anniversary celebrations of the founding of Montreal taking place in 2017. This building currently occupied by the Montreal Fire Department was planned to be renovated into a welcome pavilion for visitors. While this proposed project was cancelled, the restauration of the building went ahead. The majority of interventions were focused on the envelope and the front terrace. The work done includes the installation of new windows, a new metal roof, the replacement of the structure supporting the field stone façades, new guard rails as well as a completely redesigned ventilation system. Part of the masonry had reached the end of its life and the steel angles supporting the stones were completely rusted. In order to address these issues, EKM installed a galvanized steel perimeter beam which both supports the masonry as well as hides the repairs made to the concrete behind it. The field stone masonry walls were disassembled for the work and reinstalled afterwards and the wooden elements were completely replaced.