The city of Montreal wanted to reopen the abandoned chalet in La Fontaine Park so that people could enjoy the chalet-restaurant again and so that a space could be created where activities such as performances, workshops and exhibitions could take place. Ékm’s mandate consisted of the renovation of the existing building’s public spaces, the kitchen and the terrace.

The new design of the Chalet has transformed the space into a cultural café with a lounge, a restaurant and a meeting space. These different zones can be separated from each other by large stage curtains or movable exhibition panels. The atmosphere is festive and refined without being too sophisticated. The building has been renovated without losing its original character.

Materials such as bamboo and stainless steel, as well as certain colours, are used throughout, giving a sense of continuity to the project. The furniture, on the other hand, defines the specific zones: comfortable seating in the lounge, colourful chairs for the dining space defined by a banquette and a bar. A thorough lighting and acoustic study was also performed to ensure optimal conditions for all the Chalet’s functions.

“This news space is the proof that with small means, a lot of passion, a lot of drive and creativity, one can achieve really beautiful things”

- Anne-Marie Collins, project manager at the borough of the Plateau-Mont-Royal.

Photos: Denis Labine, City of Montreal.