The Redpath and McLennan roof terraces date back to the 1950s and the 60s, respectively, and developed waterproofing, drainage and insulation problems. Our mandate was to entirely renovate the terraces to remediate these problems and to introduce a visually coherent access for the users of the libraries.

The first phase focused on improving the connection between the level of McTavish street where the new Service Point and other students services are located and the level of McLennan terrace.  We made the passage between the Redpath library and the McLennan library more attractive and welcoming and improved access for people with reduced mobility. The new benches and green spaces connect to the exterior waiting space of the Service Point, physically and visually, bringing continuity to the landscape along McTavish, the passage to the campus and the roof terraces.

During the work of the second phase, the terrace facing the entrance of McLennan Library Building underwent major renovations that included a complete reconstruction of the paved surfaces, a new railing, more green space, additional seating and improvements to the draining system. The final phase saw the reconstruction of the northern half of the Redpath rooftop terrace.

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