McGill University wanted to provide students with first class, modernized, direct and effective assistance in a space that would encourage communication. For this, the various student services, formerly offered in 6 locations and 4 separate buildings scattered on campus, were integrated into one. This enhances the students’ experience and allows staff to work more collaboratively. Thanks to its flexibility and modularity, the new space addresses a wide variety of students and staff needs.

Service Point is located in the heart of campus life, on the corner of Sherbrooke and McTavish Street. A large glass canopy signals the main entry and shelters the students waiting outside during busy times. From the main entrance and reception desk, visitors are directed to the Welcome Center for prospective students on the right or to the service area on the left. In between, a multipurpose room enclosed by curved glass partitions is located.

In the service area, staff sits down with students to help them. Their tables are mobile and custom designed to provide the students with personalized service. Two glazed rooms can be used by small groups wanting to talk to faculty or staff in private, and a larger meeting room allows staff to have daily meetings. In the back of the building is an open and bright workspace, organized for more than one hundred employees. 

Opened in June 2010, McGill Student Services meets the expectations of users and serves as a model for other institutions.