An extensive renovation adapted this old two story townhouse in the Plateau district of Montreal, to the needs of the current residents, a family of four.

On the ground floor, where the private spaces are located, the renovation included a renovation of the bedrooms, entry hall and staircase and a makeover of the master bathroom into a generous, functional and relaxing space.

The completely redesigned second floor is conceived as an open living space. It includes an open kitchen which wraps itself around the only enclosed volume on this floor: the guest bathroom. This volume divides the space into cooking, dining, playing and sitting areas, without enclosing any of them. New beams and columns provide the structural support for this open plan. The wood wall and bamboo floors give the sober and functional space a warm atmosphere.

A large deck extends the living space to the outside. Large new window openings in the back facade augment the relation with this deck and the rest of the garden.